Atzimba’s Story

Atzimba is the founder and chef of Atzimba-Catering & Events, hospitality and culinary arts company.

Atzimba came to the United States from Mexico in September of 1996. Less than a decade later, she began employment at the Union League Club of Chicago, an extremely prominent private club. While there, she was fortunate to have the opportunity of working with Michelin Star Chef Carlos Gaytan. In September of 2014, Atzimba went on to start her own company, Atzimba Catering and Events. With great dedication and a vast appreciation of her Mexican roots, she combines her knowledge and expertise in authentic Pre-Hispanic and traditional Mexican foods with different customs native to Mexico. In this way, she is able to preserve the cultural influences present in her work.

With over 25 years of experience in culinary arts industry, Atzimba has had the pleasure of working with several chefs highly recognized in the field. Prior to starting her own company, she collaborated with numerous culinary artists including Club de Industriales Executive Chef Isabella Dorantes, UNAM Chef Victor Hugo Aguilar Morales and Chef Pablo Salas from Amaranta Restaurant, among others. Her work has been highly recognized, warranting several interviews with radio stations including Radio Mexiquense and Union Latina at Brenda Storch’s program “Sazon Razon y Corazon”. Additionally, Atzimba has been interviewed by Univison on the televised Anti Defamation Leagues International Latino Jewish Student Ambassador Program at the Mexican Consulate and she was interviewed in March 2015 by Martha Medina, Raiza Mendonza from “Gift of Hope” and Leda Santo Domingo in the program “Latinos Influyentes” of ESPN 97.9 FM.

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Chef’s Secrets

‘Passion and Dedication’

Atzimba’s skills are in spreading the Mexican traditional and prehispanic cuisine offering a wide variety of dishes, and in her extensive knowledge of different Mexican and International food and passion for what she does!

Beyond the Table

Atzimba is a premier chef who is not only creative with her culinary endeavors, but is also philanthropic and engaged with different organizations (American Heart Association, Latinos Unidos por Salud, American Liver Foundation)

In the Press

In her free time, Atzimba enjoys studying culinary arts and inventing her own recipes, as well as writing. She is passionate about every aspect of Mexican food and culture, and continues to keep in touch with the different chefs that have played integral parts in her work. Atzimba currently resides in Northwest Chicago with her husband and three children